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Uses 💿

As a designer, developer and tech nerd I love all the gadgets and apps that will make my work easier or sprinkle a little more joy into the things I do. This page will be a living list of all the things I use on the regular for work and fun. WIP.

✨ This page is inspired from Wes Bos' and Brad Garropy's Uses pages.

🏠 Home Office #

The year 2020 moved me and many of us, into a work from home setup from one day to the next. I had never really been a fan of working from home, which let's be clear, is different than being remote. So, to make things work, I had to step it up and get a few more things to create a "fun" and productive space for me to work and game in. Even though I still miss working at an office or IRL coworking space, I do love the way it's coming together, and am very comfortable and happy with my little corner.

Desk setup picture

Computers, gadgets and office things #

💻 Computers + Monitors #

  • Mac: MacBook Pro 2016 (15") , Catalina
  • PC: Lenovo Legion 7 (15"), Windows 10 – (Thanks to the amazing RWC community) 😊
  • Work Mac: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021), Monterey
    • Apple M1 Pro, 16 GB memory
  • iPad Pro 10
  • Monitors:
    • Old Mac LED Cinema Display – (courtesy of my awesome Design Professor, Denny Fagan.)
    • Dell U2419H – another freebie!

⌨️ Accessories #

🪑 Furniture #

Code & Development #

👩‍💻 Editor & Terminal #

🌐 The Internets & Other Dev Apps #

Design #

📐 Analog #

  • Fine and Medium Sharpies
  • Dot Grid Paper (Behance's Dot Grid Notebooks)
  • Micron Fine Markers
  • Post-its
  • Prismacolor Markers

🖱️ Digital #

Productivity & Vibes #

📱 Other #

Ximena's Among Us avatar. Green with red horns