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Designing things… 🎨

  • About UTSA


    A redesign of the UTSA's about suite of pages to provide a broad overview of UTSA, providing a basic understanding of UTSA’s foundation, highlights, unique value propositions, and directions on how to learn more.

  • SAMA Website


    A complete website redesign for the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, a membership driven organization dedicated to strengthening San Antonio's local and regional manufacturing industry for over 100 years.



    An informational website for potential developers of a new 97-acre master-planned community with a true New Urbanist style, bringing a pedestrian-oriented, human-scale neighborhood to the city's booming far west side.

  • Mindstream

    Design & WordPress

    Mindstream, higher education consultants, are in the process of pivoting their business model due to the pandemic. This was setup as an incremental project to slowly update the current website's design and content.

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