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Who is SAMA? #

The San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) is a membership driven organization dedicated to strengthening San Antonio's local and regional manufacturing industry. Serving manufacturing for over 100 Years by supporting a thriving, unique industry through advocacy, workforce development, and networking. The voice of and advocate for the manufacturing industry in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area.

SAMA's Goals #

  • Proactively monitor manufacturing related issues and participate in local government, ensuring city and regional officials and policy makers understand what’s important for manufacturers to thrive.
  • Promote manufacturing to enhance its perception by the public, schools, community and region.
  • Examine workforce and economic development issues with the aim to ensure that both sustain companies and our San Antonio and South Texas (7 counties).
  • Provide educational opportunities to benefit their members, employees and ensure the future labor pool will have the skills necessary to support growth in our manufacturing industry.
  • Host events that provide relevant information on key issues affecting business and create forums to build relationships across companies and industries.
  • Provide an annual South Texas Regional Manufacturers Trade Show and Conference

πŸ—‚οΈ Project Overview #

SAMA had an outdated WordPress that did not effectively convey to users what SAMA is about and what they do for the manufacturing community or the value of their content and membership. This project was a complete redesign including new content. The new design needs to be clean to focus on the content as well as flexible in order to adapt to the new brand being developed by another agency.

SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile SAMA Mobile

🎨 Design Style Guide #

At the beginning of the project a style board was developed with the desired aesthetic and potential components. During and after the design stage a development style guide was also created to aid the design/development handoff.

πŸ“‘ Key Pages #

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