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Ximena (He-Men-Ah) here, a Mexican born, Texas based designer and developer. Previously a Designer at Astro and UTSA. Always learning and trying new things. This is my little digital corner where I will share about all things web, design, code, sketchnotes, career, community, life, games, books, and more.

This website is currently being resdesigned and rebuilt with Astro, so it may not look its best. Thank you for your understanding.

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Designing Stuff

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    An informational website for potential developers of a new 97-acre master-planned community with a true New Urbanist style, bringing a pedestrian-oriented, human-scale neighborhood to the city's booming far west side.

  • SAMA Website


    A complete website redesign for the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, a membership driven organization dedicated to strengthening San Antonio's local and regional manufacturing industry for over 100 years.

  • About UTSA


    A redesign of the UTSA's about suite of pages to provide a broad overview of UTSA, providing a basic understanding of UTSA’s foundation, highlights, unique value propositions, and directions on how to learn more.

What people say about me

  • Ximena brings a user-centric, brand-focused approach to website design. While she served as a member of my team at UTSA, Ximena tackled numerous complex web design/development projects that involved a great deal of diplomacy, patience and creativity in order to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. Her expertise regarding web development best practices, accessibility and system design will be true assets to all her future workplaces - she is a gem!
  • I was fortunate to get to work with Ximena at Astro. Ximena's enthusiasm for high-quality design was inspiring. She provided a wealth of support in many diverse projects while at Astro. Ximena has proven herself as a seasoned designer taking on any challenge while bringing a consistently excellent attitude. I hope I get the chance to work with her again!
  • It was a pleasure working with Ximena. She was an asset to Benson Design. Her quality of work and attention to detail were outstanding. She was professional when dealing with clients and always exceeded their expectations and mine as well. Ximena wore many hats during her employment with us and was able to accomplish anything we asked of her. I believe Ximena has the ability to hit the ground running and excel with any company she works with. I highly recommend her and would enjoy working with her again.
  • Ximena is the Swiss Army knife of digital creativity; she combines an array of skills to tackle any design challenge. She is always eager to take on new projects and push herself to continuously expand her skills. She excels at learning and is proactive in researching the emerging trends and programs needed in her field. Ximena can easily translate technical conversations to ensure the full team – leaders, copywriters, designers, and developers – can come together to address project needs. Her balance of hard and soft skills made her a key part of our team at UTSA, and I highly recommend her for your own.
  • Ximena has been an absolute joy to work with. Her skill sets across website development, project planning, collaboration, creativity, and innovation are utterly impressive and have been such a huge asset to UTSA. We have been so lucky to have her as part of the Roadrunner Community! I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to work together on the Be Bold campaign.
  • Ximena is a joy to work with … she brings energy and understanding like no other. She can communicate effectively with a diverse set of people from different disciplines and walks of life and fosters a harmonious work environment while doing so. She is incredibly skilled in design and understands the fundamentals of the user experience where she brings design and functionality together to create beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Her web interface designs were 100% inspiring and 100% possible to create, she would even think through fallbacks to save time to make sure the deadline was met. I loved working with her and would definitely work with her again.

Playing with code

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Writing about things

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You can usually find me here…

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    Cassidoo’s Stream

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